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Pasir Putih Beach

The white sand and clear blue water hundreds of miles to decorate the beach area in the province of the Earth's Ruwai Jurai.
Some coastal areas are still virgin and rarely visited by a special allure for tourists, both local and foreign tourists. One is the
coastal area of South Lampung district, almost as far as the eye can see covered with white sand. While in the Valley Mirror is Mutun Coast,
in West Lampung Tanggamus and also spread unspoiled beaches and very charming.
Beach tourism object in Lampung is now beginning to be an alternative natural attactions, especially marine and coastal tourism.

During the trip overland to Lampung, we will be treated to beautiful scenery as the anchor attaction of ships from Merak, Banten.
Many things can be enjoyed, ranging from the behavior of the sea son asked for coin from the passanger ferry to be angler fish or fisherman who was fishing.

The journey to Bandar Lampung today, although from Bandung, was not so exhausting and too far with the Cipularang toll roads. In fact, for the citizens of Jakarta
that previously was often chosen to Anyer beach tourism and coastal seas, thorugh Merak toll road, travel from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung can be taken approximately 5 to 7 hours.

After the toll roads along the Peacock, we replaced the ferry to port bakauheni and then traveled to Bandar Lampung.
On the ferry for two to three hours, we can relax while enjoying the sea. When the ship docked in Bakauheni, wide roads and straight challenges us to
accelerate the vehicle.

In addition Kalianda Beach, white sand beach in the Village Tarahan, south Lampung, is a favorite place to visit. As the name implies, white sand beach is located approximately
22 miles southwest, or approximately 30 minutes drive from Bandar Lampung with clear water and white sand, challenging to be enjoyed.
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