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Kepulauan Seribu

Kepulauan Seribu or (Thousand Islands) is named after the total amount of small island nearby the mainland Java. You can visit one or several of the islands from Jakarta by boat. The nearest island is about 1 hour by boat, but the most north is about 6 hours by boat.

The place is very quite, with several resorts and hotels. Kotok island is one of the island in this group of island, and it provide you a nice place to dive or snorkling.

The fish is not afraid of human since it's very rare of people going there and they are totally beautiful. Coming to the water surface soon as you drop few bread crumbs.

Most of the beaches in the national park is protected by mangrove forests, where the living lizard, snake gold ring and python.
Behind the phenomenon and the secrets of nature, actually save the Thousand Island group of the natural beauty that is very attactive.
Symphony tiny islands of freen, waves, sun looks golden at dusk.

How to reach the location??
From Marina Jaya Ancol every day there is a special boat to serve visitors who want to see objects marine tourism, with travel time between 1-2 hours.
Or From the Muara Angke Scouts using fery boat about 2.5 hours.
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