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Taman Nasional Teluk Cendrawasih

National Park Teluk Cendrawasih, Manokwari is representative ecosystems of coral reefs, beaches, mangrove and tropical forest land in the island of Papua/Irian Jaya and the largest in Indonesia, consisting
of land and coastal areal (0.9%), mainland island (3.8%), coral reefs (5.5%), and ocean waters (89.8%). Season best visit: month may to october each year.
Manokwari to the location of national parks (island Rumberpon) using longboat to 5.5 hours of time. Or from the town of Manokwari district Ransiki the car for about 3 hours and followed by motorboat around 2.5 hours.

Arfak Mountain, Lake Giji and Anggi Gita, Manokwari, west papua

Arfak Mountain nature reserve and lake Anggi Giji and Anggi Gita, Manokwari

Arfak Mountains is a nature reserve area with a wide reach 68.325 hectares with a height reaching 2940 meters above sea level.
There is life the thousands of orchid plants and fish legend houn in the two lakes, lake giji anggi and anggi gita flanked by hills kobrey.
Arfak mountain nature reserve located in Manokwari kabupaten, west papua province. This region is only about 35Km from the town of Manokwari.
It takes 2 days on foot to reach the place. For information we can be achieved using four kinds of wheeled vehicles off-orad or local term
for this type of car with 80k rupiah until 300k rupiah/person. Can also use the aircraft type and cesna twin otter with travel time approximately 25 minutes with 300k rupiah/person

Padaido, Biak

Beaches on the islands Padaido, Biak

Padaido Islands is a group of islands consists of 31 islands, 10 of them uninhabited. Divided into 2 parts, Padaido Upper and lower Padaido has white sand with amazing panoramic sea. They were targeted by the foreign divers use as area to channel the desire diving or other water sports in addition to Bali and Sulawesi, are popular for beauty underwater. The condition of coral
reefs that are still good and the stretch of the island in the north and east which has a sloping beach, is a good place for snorkeling.
While the diver chose the west because it has a steep beach, considered good for diving.

Padaido underwater....wow its cool =)
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Madakaripura Waterfall

Madakaripura waterfall is in Probolinggo area, near the village of Lumbang district Sapeh. Mount Bromo tourist area was kept a unique tourist sites and charming.
Location not far from the sea of sand Bromo, only about 45 minutes to the Probolinggo. To reach this resort is not too dificult, visits should be done if we are going to Bromo
Probolinggo direction because the direction of travel or while in Bromo and conducted morning. Location can be reached by private vehicle or rental car.

This waterfall is known as a place of meditation known Patih Majapahit, Gajah Mada and the place to spend the rest of his life. This resort is situated at an altitude of 620 M above
sea level and the water that falls from a height of 200 meters it creates incredible feeling to see her. The best time to visit this waterfall is approximately at 10:00 to 14:00 WIB where we can sometimes
see a rainbow from sunlight and water mix there. If we bathe in water from the waterfall is also believed to be rid a rheumatic diseases and also young. ^o^

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Pantai Samudera Indah

this beach is located in Kalimantan barat, Singkawang. also enough strategically from position South China, beaches lengthwise from southward eastwards approximately 5 kilomters. Same like other beaches this region, Samudera Indah beach declivous with white sand and when a crowded areas visit, inevitably, almost along coast
colored with shops.
Beautiful beach samudera indah not inferior with beach in Bali. Capitalists indeed seemed still waiting with beaches not far bordering with territory Singkawang because low investment information including infrequent
promotional probably one constraints introuduce this coast to investors. During this beach Samudera Indah like behind netting kabupaten Bengkayang. But after region this coast opened, now many eyes from many circles could see directly
comeliness body.

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Tidung Island

Tidung Island is part of Thousand islands located in the western South. The island which is part of Jakarta consists of two islands, namely Tidung, Tidung Big and small. To achieve this, we can go from the port of Muara Angke, which is located in Jakarta, using the public boat with rates USD3,3. From Muara angke, boats leave every morning at 07.15 Western Indonesian Time.

About 3 hours we can arrive in Pulau Tidung but dont worry about boredom because along the way the island would be an interesting scene, including a group of birds that catch fish in the sea. Arriving at the port of Great Tidung, we can walked toward the inn. The fee from $20-$30/night, its very cheap. ^o^

In this island we can rent bikes/day with $1/bike. But we must becareful among these bikes there is no brakes function properly. haha lol
Biking on this island is fairly easy and very interesting, because, although the terrain of flat roads, even houses in the area of paying block road, the view left and right most row of palm trees and green pine beautiful.

Along the road infrastructure is also seen quite a neat and orderly. Great Tidung satisfied around, the bridge that connects the island with Tidung small.
The bridge made of wood form the many twists and curves along hundreds of meters. The bridge is the best place to swing away with the charm of Tidung island as a whole.

Tidung area and headed for the bridge, souvernir shop that sells various kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs typical tidung island. A few hundred yards from the store there is a long road to the right as the best spot you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise.

Pasir Putih Beach

The white sand and clear blue water hundreds of miles to decorate the beach area in the province of the Earth's Ruwai Jurai.
Some coastal areas are still virgin and rarely visited by a special allure for tourists, both local and foreign tourists. One is the
coastal area of South Lampung district, almost as far as the eye can see covered with white sand. While in the Valley Mirror is Mutun Coast,
in West Lampung Tanggamus and also spread unspoiled beaches and very charming.
Beach tourism object in Lampung is now beginning to be an alternative natural attactions, especially marine and coastal tourism.

During the trip overland to Lampung, we will be treated to beautiful scenery as the anchor attaction of ships from Merak, Banten.
Many things can be enjoyed, ranging from the behavior of the sea son asked for coin from the passanger ferry to be angler fish or fisherman who was fishing.

The journey to Bandar Lampung today, although from Bandung, was not so exhausting and too far with the Cipularang toll roads. In fact, for the citizens of Jakarta
that previously was often chosen to Anyer beach tourism and coastal seas, thorugh Merak toll road, travel from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung can be taken approximately 5 to 7 hours.

After the toll roads along the Peacock, we replaced the ferry to port bakauheni and then traveled to Bandar Lampung.
On the ferry for two to three hours, we can relax while enjoying the sea. When the ship docked in Bakauheni, wide roads and straight challenges us to
accelerate the vehicle.

In addition Kalianda Beach, white sand beach in the Village Tarahan, south Lampung, is a favorite place to visit. As the name implies, white sand beach is located approximately
22 miles southwest, or approximately 30 minutes drive from Bandar Lampung with clear water and white sand, challenging to be enjoyed.


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