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Bangka Island

How to get to Bangka Island

It takes only 45 – 50 minutes to get to Bangka from Jakarta and 30 minutes from Palembang by plane. There are 11 daily direct flights heading to Bangka (Depati Amir Airport at Pangkalpinang), while a morning flight from Palembang to Bangka is also available.

Besides by plane, there are ships heading to Bangka from Jakarta and Jetfoil from Palembang. It takes about 3 hours by jetfoil from Bom Baru Palembang to Tanjung Kalian in Mentok, West Bangka, and 3-hour drive by public bus from Muntok to Pangkalpinang, the capital of Kepulauan Bangka Belitung.

To go to Bangka from Belitung and vice versa, there is one jet foil “Express Bahari” to operate from Wednesday to Monday. It takes about 4 hours to Pangkalpinang in Bangka from Tanjung Pandan in Belitung ot the other way around. Air flight is yet to operate at temporarily.

Hot Destinations

1. Matras Beach

Matras beach is located in Kelurahan Sinar Baru Kec. Sungailiat, Located 38 km from the provincial capital. Matras Beach feel of the waves that show high enough to allow for sport and surfing speed boat

2. Tanjung Pesona Beach

Tanjung Pesona Beach is located in the coastal headlands the mat with his charm. This beach is located in the same area of the sungailiat, ideal for a resort on vacation.

3. Parai Beach

With Shades of the beach and a strong indigenous Bangka shown by the management of this place, then we will find the comfort that is perfect for a family holiday.

4. Pasir Padi beach

The pasir padi beach is located in the village air itam pangkal pinang so gently sloping with sand so wide and long to make this beach is popular with the visitors, especially during the holidays.

5. Air Anyir Beach

This beach is located 15 km from sungailiat to the pangkal pinang. On This beach ceremonies are usually held as Rebo Kasan thanksgiving and prayer to God before going to sea to find fish. Kasan Rebo ceremony is usually held on the last wednesday Syafar month.

6. Romodong Beach

Beach is located in the district Romodong Belinyu, about 77 km from sungailiat this is a good beach facing west, so from the edge of the beach can be seen the sun set. Long beaches reach 4 km, flat and smooth white sand with clear sea. This beach is a few cottages and other facilities for tourists.

7. Tanjung Kalian Beach

This beach is located 9 km from Muntok, Kabupaten West bangka. On this beach there is a lighthous that was build in 1862, where from the top of the tower can be seen throughout the region Muntok coast. There is also a memorial to 21 aircraft Australians killed in the bombing incident by Australian ships of Japan on 16 Febuary 1942.

8. Tanjung Ular Beach

Typical beach located 15 km from Muntok or 112 km from Sungailiat this is a wonderful form of cuves with smooth white sand and gently sloping and there are rocks in front of him. On this beach there are also monitored the tower to see the ships will leave from the port Muntok.
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